Hi I’m Rachel and I am the owner of FIZZICAL FITNESS.

I believe there is nothing better than the feeling of being fit and healthy – like you are fizzing with energy! My desire is to help my clients feel that way every day.

Who am I and why should you choose me as your trainer?

Good point. Well decide for yourself.


Over the last 5 years I have not been in control of my weight, I’ve actually gained 13kgs. I’ve tried so many diets with varying successes but never stuck to any diet or kept the weight off. In fact when I was on a diet I would often reward myself with food for losing some weight or having done a work out. I also used to have the mind set of “once this is over…” and I’ve lost the weight I would plan to reward myself with everything I had ever craved!! Doesn’t make sense right?Doesn’t work either.

I went to Rachel to see what the Real You Revolution was all about….6 weeks on and I’m 7.2kg closer to my 13kg goal. I feel incredible!! I no longer have blood sugar spikes and I now reward myself with healthy nutritious food from the Revolution plan. If anyone is thinking about giving it a try-DO IT, or if you’re on it and struggling-HANG IN THERE! It will make such a difference to so many aspects of your life. My hair and skin are in awesome condition, my energy levels are consistently elevated and I just feel so much happier. I would recommend the Real You Revolution to anyone and everyone, once you’re into it you will honestly wonder why you never did it sooner!

I find Rachel as a trainer a really positive role model as it’s obvious that she practices what she preaches. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition and has lots of tips on what to eat and when to eat it. Her advice on the type of exercise that I needed to do to lose weight was spot on also. I have to admit to being skeptical regarding doing more resistance type activities as opposed to hard cardio but I followed her advice for both the exercise and diet and the weight fell off. I have achieved my goal of 13kg weight-loss in a little over 3 months, my BMI is now in the healthy range and I feel amazing-my hair! My skin! My energy! Since being shown the right way to eat and exercise through the Real You Revolution I am now enjoying a healthy way of life that comes without thinking too much about making the best decisions. I will never be going back to my previous weight.





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