You have completed all four modules in the Real You Revolution. I bet you feel more alive, more energetic and healthier than ever before! A massive well done to you, and thank you for sharing this journey with me.

But wait, this is not the end, in fact, this is only the beginning. It is the start of your REAL journey – taking everything you have learnt and implementing into your daily life. Each day will offer new opportunities and challenges and that will help you develop the skills you have learnt in the Real You Revolution. The aim is to keep building on these skills until they become lifestyle habits, so that every day is healthier, more active, more balanced and more rewarding.

Please stay onboard and choose to review the modules again. Your health and fitness habits are similar to muscles – the more you work on them, the stronger and more defined they will become. Don’t be disappointed if you have not mastered each component yet. The important thing is that you are one step closer than you were yesterday, so don’t give up! Be proud of what you have achieved, and excited about your potential for the future.

The final thing I ask of you is to please share your progress and success stories with FIZZICAL FITNESS via email or through the forum. It is not only rewarding for you, but inspires many others who are also on their own fat loss journey. Even better, encourage friends and family to join the Real You Revolution, so they too can have the tools to help them unleash their most REAL, healthy, active and complete self.



“If you go forward you will die.

If you go backward, you will die.

It is better to go forward”


“The point of going forward – of working to make your life a positive expression of your highest vision – is not to avoid all suffering and death, for that is not within the realm of human possibility. The point, rather, is to meet all of your life experiences, including the most difficult ones, with the greatest powers of love and healing within you. The gift of going forward is not that you will never physically decline or fall ill, but that you will be less likely to do so prematurely, and better able to enter wholly into your life and meet whatever the world brings you with grace and wisdom.

If you eat natural foods, jog or meditate because you feel better when you do, because you feel closer to yourself and more alive, then even if you should die younger than you might wish, you will not regret having cared for yourself. If you experience a particular diet or lifestyle as a point of entry into greater presence and wellbeing, then whatever happens, you’ll be grateful for your choices. If lifting weights or doing yoga or aerobic exercise provides you with more access to yourself, if it brings you balance and strength, it if helps you listen to your body, then even if serious illness occurs, you’ll be glad you’ve done everything you could on behalf of your wellness, and thankful for the life you’ve lived.

A healthful diet and lifestyle almost always leads to a longer and healthier life. They provide increased vitality, improved resistance to disease, and a greater sense of wholeness and freedom.”