The Real YOU Revolution is made up of four modules that provide a step-by-step guide to improving your NUTRITION, FITNESS, and WELLNESS.

Each module includes the science behind why making the changes will improve your health, and how you can make it happen.

I have collated all my knowledge and experience from over 15 years in the industry to create this program. This 80+page plan takes you through the most important ways to creating long lasting changes to your health and wellness that you can access instantly, anywhere in the world!

The Real YOU Revolution Plan is:

  • Over 80-page Nutrition, fitness, and wellness plan
  • 4 modules – including 3 components Nutrition, Fitness, Wellness
  • Fitness guides on ways to train smarter not harder including over 15 workouts in online plans, and step by step videos.
  • Access to over 80 recipes that are healthy and delicious that the whole family can enjoy – but most importantly the guidance to learn to read and adapt ANY other recipe to make it BETTER!
  • Wellness activities to help shift old though patterns and learn new ways to practise positive self-talk.
  • Goal setting tips and motivation to keep you accountable.
  • Online support group where you can communicate with me and other online community members.
  • No pressure selling of supplements, weird ingredients, odd practices or restrictive eating.
  • A way of life that will bring you closer to the ‘Real You’ that you can adapt to any age or stage in your life.
  • This 12-week program arms you with the knowledge, support, and motivation to learn that a healthy, active, happy life is achievable.