Our Client Words

Over the last 5 years I have not been in control of my weight, I’ve actually gained 13kgs. I’ve tried so many diets with varying successes but never stuck to any diet or kept the weight off. In fact when I was on a diet I would often reward myself with food for losing some weight or having done a work out. I also used to have the mind set of “once this is over…” and I’ve lost the weight I would plan to reward myself with everything I had ever craved!! Doesn’t make sense right?Doesn’t work either.

I went to Rachel to see what the Real You Revolution was all about….6 weeks on and I’m 7.2kg closer to my 13kg goal. I feel incredible!! I no longer have blood sugar spikes and I now reward myself with healthy nutritious food from the Revolution plan. If anyone is thinking about giving it a try-DO IT, or if you’re on it and struggling-HANG IN THERE! It will make such a difference to so many aspects of your life. My hair and skin are in awesome condition, my energy levels are consistently elevated and I just feel so much happier. I would recommend the Real You Revolution to anyone and everyone, once you’re into it you will honestly wonder why you never did it sooner!

I find Rachel as a trainer a really positive role model as it’s obvious that she practices what she preaches. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition and has lots of tips on what to eat and when to eat it. Her advice on the type of exercise that I needed to do to lose weight was spot on also. I have to admit to being skeptical regarding doing more resistance type activities as opposed to hard cardio but I followed her advice for both the exercise and diet and the weight fell off. I have achieved my goal of 13kg weight-loss in a little over 3 months, my BMI is now in the healthy range and I feel amazing-my hair! My skin! My energy! Since being shown the right way to eat and exercise through the Real You Revolution I am now enjoying a healthy way of life that comes without thinking too much about making the best decisions. I will never be going back to my previous weight.

I remembered Rachel from our high school and went to a Pump class at the local Rec Centre and she was teaching it. She was in amazing shape so I thought I would ask if she did PT and the rest is history!

I was self-conscious about my appearance and Rach made me feel very comfortable. She has a great outlook on life and is super positive and it rubs off on everyone around her. It also helped to see a trainer who is an athlete as well. Not only does it inspire me but I know she knows what she is talking about!

I feel stronger, healthier, can make better choices with my food, and overall feel a lot better as a person. Not only is Rach agreat trainer, but she is great to talk to about anything! I always walk away from our sessions feeling exhausted but great!

In terms of the improvements I have noticed: My fitness- I couldn’t run to the end of the street before and now I’m much better. I’m able to work a lot harder for longer. Nutrition – the Revolution program has taught me some amazing things in regard to food and what my body needs. I love that I am able to share that with my family and friends too and I know the information I have been given is spot on.

Even though I still have a bit to go to get to where I want to be, Rach has helped me push through health problems, down times and plateau’s to keep my eye on the prize, and slowly but surely I’m getting there. Even if I didn’t have weight to lose I would still train with her, because I got so much more out of my sessions than just sweat!

Thank you Rach for all the hours of training and sticking by me when I’ve needed that extra kick in the butt!

I selected Rachel as I have witnessed her passion and her extensive knowledge base for healthy living and wellbeing. Her material is well researched and executed and it is a credit to her and Fizzical Fitness.

Rachel is realistic and willing to work with your lifestyle. She is very thorough with individualised programs and she is as determined to reach your goal as much as you are. She is a constant motivator and a healthy living coach.

I have learnt about what your body requires on a day to day basis and instead of ready about many different methods, Rachel provided an everyday bible for do’s and don’ts for healthy living.

Rachel is successful in what she does and therefore transfers that energy onto you. She is so passionate and is always constantly trying to progress and providing options and alternatives to ensure that all clients are stimulated by her programs.

Good on ya Rach!!

Rachel is the most passionate and inspirational woman that I know when it comes to all things fitness! She understands what women want to achieve from their training sessions and she obviously genuinely cares about each individual’s progress and results so I was really excited when she told me about her group training sessions!

Rachel has the ability to give me the extra push that I need when I’m training and she always takes the time to ensure that I am doing each exercise correctly and getting the most out of my workout.

I have only done a few wed 6am group training sessions with Rachel and I know that they are definitely working in all the right places because of how sore I am for the next couple of days! I’m excited to start seeing the benefits of muscle tone and cardio fitness!

She has helped to improve my motivation as it is hard to stay motivated when you’re always doing the same old thing. She includes different exercises each week which keeps it interesting and fun. I am starting to see an improvement in my legs and butt which are a huge focus point for me!

As a working mum it is important to me that I am making the most out of my time during my training sessions and I know that I am definitely achieving this through working with Rachel. She has definitely found a devoted Fizzical Fitness member in me!

I was looking for a way to balance my eating and maintain my weight after losing a lot and was struggling to find a healthy maintenance diet. I also needed advice on how to strengthen and mix up my exercise.  Rachel was recommended to me by Anna.

I know that Rachel is super fit and I felt that she could provide the guidance to help me maintain my weight healthily (rather than putting on 2kgs over a weekend and losing it during the week!!) I also felt that she was a good role model to help me change/maximize my exercise.

I didn’t believe I could eat any more veggies as I was regularly eating at least 5 serves a day but I have managed to increase this significantly and this has made a huge difference!  I have also increased my protein and have stopped worrying about a small amount of fat (nuts are my obsession).  I have maintained my weight (within 0.5kgs) since I started.  I also feel healthier and I rarely crave sugar any more.  I NEED vegetables to get through the day – can you believe it!! Still working on changing up the exercise but getting there slowly……..

The Real You Revolution is a positive diet focusing on what you can eat rather than what you can’t.  It is more about nourishing your body with lots of good food rather than depriving yourself.

I joined the Real Revolution just over a month ago and I am feeling the best I have ever felt. I have gone through up and downs with my weight, after a bad break-up and not eating much/anything at all to going to Europe and eating everything in sight, I ended up putting on about 5-6kgs in 2 months. After coming home I would not stop eating, I was constantly going to the pantry and the fridge. It took me a while to stop eating so much but then I started shift work as a nurse and the chocolates from patients just kept on flowing in and I was hungry all the time!

After finding a routine at the gym that fit in with my work I started to feel okay with my body. I then spoke to Dani about the Real You Revolution plan and how she has loved it so much and how easy it actually is to lose weight and eat healthy for every meal!

I’ve been having to remind myself lately that the weight isn’t just going to fall off me and it is a journey and will take time. I want to thank you Rachel for making me feel more confident in myself and have the willpower to say no!

I have tried other fitness instructors, but none compare to Rach & Anna.

If their enthusiasm and ability to make you laugh while doing mountain climbers aren’t enough, check out their sculpted arms and abs and you will keep going!!

Also, all my friends that I have brought to your classes think you are awesome, you really are inspirational.

Does “Rachel Rocks” count??

I specifically chose Rachel and Fizzical Fitness to train with because Rachel has an amazingly infectious energy about her. She takes her training sessions very seriously, but always has fun training you, all at the same time.

Rachel listened to me and tailored a program for MY specific needs. If I was injured, pregnant and post natal, Rachel modified my program around these events.

During my time training with Rachel, I became stronger and fitter. I had tonnes more energy and slept better at night.

I have done PT and group sessions with Rachel, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. The group sessions are never dull, always different; the variety keeps me motivated and not knowing exactly what is coming next makes a grueling session fly by.

I have also met some wonderful people from working out with Rach in the group sessions.

My interpretation of having physical fitness, is having the ability to carry out daily tasks with motivation and alertness and having ample energy to enjoy leisure activities.  I chose to attend Rachel’s group training sessions and join her Real You Revolution program because her guidance helps me to achieve this balance of physical fitness, promoting good health and wellbeing.  Rachel’s passion for Fizzical Fitness is ambition that has materialised into action; to put as much heart, mind, body and soul into something as is humanly possible.  Rachel’s group sessions are always different and they accommodate all fitness levels and provide lots of different options.  Training alongside Rachel motivates you to work harder and better.  A session with Rach always improves my mood!  Having nutrition advice on hand is great, access to the Real You Revolution forum, allows you to not only receive Rachel’s sound advice, but you also get the encouragement of all the members.  It allows you to feel part of a wider team, being inspired by others and sharing in the celebration of their successes!  Rach is a great mentor and friend, I am thrilled to be a part of the Fizzical Fitness team!

I remember attending Melville Recreation Centre on a Saturday morning and watching Rachel teach Body Attack and I was thinking, wow, she has an amazing body, I wish I could look like that and I also loved listening to your inspirational talks and how you motivated everyone. Then I saw Rachel training down at Point Walter, and I thought, awesome I would love to be a part of that.

I have always been someone that has been conscious of what I eat and making sure I exercise, but I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere and I wasn’t 100% happy with myself, inside and out…. I needed direction.

After starting training with you I felt like I had finally meet someone who could help me on my journey, who had the knowledge to share and the strength to push me to be my best, someone who understood me and who I felt I could talk to.I love your training sessions they are varied, hard and fun, but most importantly they always show me there is so much more to learn and I’ve always got more to give.

Since joining the Real You Revolution I have gained skills to help me change my lifestyle. I still love food but have just changed the way I design my meals, I adjust the ingredients so I can have the foods I love without the guilt. And what a change it has made, to my skin, my hair, my energy and most importantly how I feel about myself. I love that feeling of eating a meal I have prepared, that it is flavour some and full of nutrients then not feeling bloated and lethargic. I love getting dressed and knowing everything in my cupboard fits and those jeans I felt uncomfortable in last year are a perfect fit.

I didn’t need to lose a great deal of weight, I just needed to change the fat to muscle ratio in my body and Rachel and the Real You Revolution have given me the skills I need to achieve this. There is always room for improvement but I know that there will always be someone there to support me and push me that extra distance.

Thanks for everything Rachel, for being an awesome motivator, trainer and most importantly an amazing friend.

I have been training with Rachel in a few different capacities, one on one, two on one and with a group of 3 and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

I bumped into Rachel and remembered her from years ago as a babysitter for my kids and thought how fit and energetic she looked and thought I want to look and feel like that too!

Since training with Rachel I have definitely improved my fitness and have just started back running again which I really enjoy.  I can also see an improvement in the shape of my body and an overall feeling of fitness.  She pushes me out of my comfort zone but the feeling of being challenged is rewarding.

The training sessions are hard but that is the point and I always come away feeling like I have worked hard. Rachel is always available to ask questions about nutrition and I may not always do as she advises but I am always listening.

I can’t thank Rachel enough for all her encouragement and advice.

I attended Melville Recreation to participate in Body Pump and for months I didn’t know how to do a lunge (it’s retarded but I just couldn’t do it!). Rachel taught me how to do one in the first class I did with her – she was patient and non-judgmental which I really liked. I also saw she had such a passion and enthusiasm for fitness – even if you tried to hide at the back of the class and keep a low profile, she would quietly push you so you left feeling really good about your workout.

Rachel is driven, perceptive – knows your weaknesses and can work with you to overcome them (bad food habits) and for example, concentrated on leg exercises with me knowing that this was an area I left as I couldn’t bear it! I’m a swimmer so a shoulder work out was all I was used to.

Rachel has a great work ethic – in all the time I’ve done personal training I think Rachel has cancelled once, and that was because I’m sure she was on her death bed! She is very reliable and I knew having her as a personal trainer I knew she was committed to training me every session, week in week out.

The benefits of training with Rachel – I lost 11kg! Pre-wedding tone up and slim down 🙂 it was great to feel so physically fit and commit to it year round. My back and arms looked amazing on my wedding day, the best they’ve ever looked! (I am modest but seriously, I was very impressed!)

2 most significant improvements:

Gained enough muscle mass and lost fat to overcome my polycystic ovarian syndrome, and fall pregnant!

My arms – all the push-ups and tricep dips!

I trained throughout my pregnancy and my final weight was only 5kg heavier than before I started training with Rachel. I have recovered really well from the birth and during my first 6 weeks of sleep deprivation although I haven’t been able to train I’ve been able to maintain a healthy diet and have a few reminders of what Rachel has taught me.

The best thing about losing the weight is how healthy I feel and looking so much better in my clothes! I am getting so many compliments and I feel great…I am also capable of doing some exercises that I never thought I would be able to do (like push ups on my toes!).  I think the way to keep the weight off is to keep active and commit to exercise being part of normal life AND to be conscious of what you are eating and drinking.

I really hate running but at least now I CAN run!!! It is still my least favourite exercise but am proud of myself when I do it. The exercise I most enjoy would be boxing with the aerobic intervals although I do like the variety of exercises Rachel gets me to do – I never get bored, exhausted maybe, but certainly not bored.

A big thanks to Rachel, who has pushed me so that I am aware of what I CAN do and encouraged me when I needed it. I feel fantastic Rachel – thank you so much…